Alcolock* - symbols and text messages

The function of the Alcolock1 is to prevent the car from being driven by individuals under the influence of alcohol.

In addition to the previously described messages related to how the alcolock works before starting the engine the combined instrument panel's display can also show the following:

Display textMeaning/Action
Alcoguard Restart possibleThe engine has been switched off for less than 30 minutes - engine starting possible without new test.
Alcoguard Service requiredContact a workshop2.
Alcoguard No signalTransmission failed - send manually with button (3) or take a new breath test.
Alcoguard Invalid testTest failed - take a new breath test.
Alcoguard Blow longerBlowing too short - blow for longer.
Alcoguard Blow softerBlowing too hard - blow more gently.
Alcoguard Blow harderBlowing too weak - blow harder.
Alcoguard wait PreheatingHeating not finished - wait for text Alcoguard Blow 5 seconds.
  1. * Option/accessory.
  2. 1 Also called Alcoguard.
  3. 2 An authorised Volvo workshop is recommended.