Drive system - drive modes

Both of the car's drive systems are used either individually or in parallel. The driver can select between different drive modes while driving. Regardless of selected drive mode, the control system checks that the combination of drivability, driving experience, environmental impact and fuel economy is always optimal in relation to the drive mode selected.

If a drive mode cannot be activated then the reason is explained with a text message in the combined instrument panel.


The drive cannot set the "wrong" drive mode - if any parameter is not met in a specific situation, the system will automatically choose another, more appropriate drive mode.
P3-1346-V60H Knappar Körlägen
Controls for drive modes.


  • Do not leave the car in an unventilated area with drive mode activated and the diesel engine switched off - the engine will start automatically when the energy level in the hybrid battery is low, and the exhaust fumes may cause serious harm to humans and animals.

Ikon röd cirkel 2PURE

P3-1246-v60H-Knapp PURE

This option focuses on electric drive as well as low energy consumption, and helps the driver to maximise driving on the hybrid battery.

Since the mileage in electric operation is connected to the car's total energy consumption, deductions are made for functions that limit mileage, e.g. climate and dynamic performance. To obtain the maximum possible mileage the air conditioning is therefore switched off - however, it can be activated with the AC button if necessary.


In the event of misting, press AC, AUTO or the defroster button.

Please note

This drive mode can only be selected when the hybrid battery has a sufficiently high energy level.

The diesel engine can start automatically in certain cases, despite the PURE drive mode being selected, for example.:

  • if the speed exceeds 125 km/h
  • if the driver requests more motive force than electric drive can provide
  • if the hybrid battery's energy level is too low and it must be charged
  • in the event if system/component limitations, e.g. low outside temperature, see Energy flow.

Ikon röd cirkel 1HYBRID

P3-1246-v60H-Knapp HYBRID

This option is the car's preset start mode. The control system uses both the electric motor and the diesel engine - individually or in parallel - and calculates the optimal use with regard to performance, fuel consumption and comfort.

The capacity to run solely with the electric motor in the HYBRID drive mode depends on the hybrid battery's energy level and, for example, the requirement for heating/cooling in the passenger compartment. At high level the capacity for solely driving with electric operation is same as in PURE mode, i.e. the car is easy to drive as an electric car (high electrical power output available).

At low energy level (hybrid battery is almost empty) the battery's energy level must also be maintained at the same time, leading to the diesel engine starting more often.

To restore the function to drive solely on electricity in HYBRID mode:

  • Charge the hybrid battery from a 230 VAC socket with the charging cable (see Charging current) or use the SAVE function.

Please note

  • The diesel engine may even start with a high energy level in the hybrid battery, such as to raise/lower the temperature in the passenger compartment.

Ikon röd cirkel 3POWER

P3-1246-v60H-Knapp POWER

This option sets the car in the best response and performance mode, by means of both the electric motor and diesel engine being activated the whole time. The car has sportier characteristics and faster response to accelerating.

The use of lower gears is prioritised during active driving, leading to a delayed upshift.

Please note

  • The diesel engine runs continuously.
  • The car is driven by both the front and rear wheels.
  • This drive mode results involves increased fuel consumption.

Ikon röd cirkel 4AWD

P3-1346-v60H-Knapp AWD

The mode activates all-wheel drive, which improves the car's grip and traction. The mode is primarily designed for low speed on slippery road surfaces, but all-wheel drive also has a stabilising effect at higher speeds.

Please note

  • The diesel engine runs continuously.
  • This drive mode results involves increased fuel consumption.

Ikon röd cirkel 5SAVE

P3-1346-v60H-Knapp SAVE

This function starts charging the hybrid battery and ensures that its energy level does not fall below a capacity equivalent to approx. 20 km driving with electric operation. The idea is to be able to save this energy for later when electric operation is more suitable, e.g. for urban driving.

If the hybrid battery's energy level is low when pressing the SAVE button then the diesel engine will first charge it to a capacity equivalent to approx. 20 km driving with electric operation.

Driving with the electric motor saves more fuel at low speeds than at higher speeds. Therefore, select SAVE primarily when the hybrid battery's energy level is high and a planned journey shall start with a longer distance at higher speeds (e.g. on motorways) and end with a distance at low speeds when electric operation is required.

Pressing the SAVE button when the hybrid battery's energy level is equivalent to more than approx. 20 km driving with electric operation will maintain the hybrid battery's current energy level.

Regardless of selected drive mode, charging of the hybrid battery is activated temporarily in the background - similar to the SAVE function - then an automatic DPF regeneration is performed.

Please note

  • This drive mode results involves increased fuel consumption.
  • After the diesel engine has charged the hybrid battery to the SAVE level the control system will stop/start the diesel engine in the same way as for low energy level in HYBRID mode.

Drive modes in MY CAR

The car's menu system contains brief descriptions about the car's different drive modes.

Go to MY CARHYBRIDDriving modes.
There, select between PURE, HYBRID, POWER, AWD and SAVE and confirm with OK.

Start/Stop function

The control system determines when the diesel engine can be stopped and be switched off, as well as for how long. This is equivalent to the Start/Stop function in conventional cars with fuel-driven engines.

Trip statistics

The car stores the statistics of consumed electricity/diesel related to mileage travelled.

In addition to via the trip computer, the trip statistics can also be accessed via the MY CAR menu system:

  • Go to MY CARTrip statistics and confirm with OK.