Energy flow

The centre console's screen can graphically display whether the engine or motor is driving the car and how the energy is flowing - it shows, for example, whether the hybrid battery is charging or providing energy to the electric motor.

In addition, information about temperature and age-related diesel fuel.


The function to display the energy flow is activated in the menu system:

  • Go to MY CARHYBRIDPower flow and confirm with OK.

Limitation due to low outside temperature

To avoid the risk of paraffin precipitate (see Fuel - diesel) in the diesel fuel due to low thermal resistance, the car has a market-dependent function which automatically limits the option of using electric operation with the PURE or HYBRID drive mode in low temperatures. If such a situation occurs then the diesel engine will be running the whole time.

Diesel fuel thermal resistance is a measure of the usefulness of the fuel at low temperatures. Normally, the diesel fuel's thermal properties are adapted to the climate zone and season in which it is distributed and sold. See also information about diesel fuel.

The automatic limitation in low temperatures increases gradually depending on the age of the fuel in the tank. When the car has recently been refuelled there is no limitation, but it increases the older the fuel in the tank becomes, counted in months.

The purpose of the function is, in low outside temperatures, to allow the car to consume fuel at such a rate that fresh fuel - with the correct thermal resistance - can/must be added before the critical temperature for the current fuel is reached.

Fuel age

Old diesel fuel (from approx. 5 months and older) in combination with condensation can, in some circumstances, lead to algal and bacterial growth in the fuel system and/or oxidation of the fuel with the risk of operational disruption as a result.

To avoid such problems, the car has a built-in function which checks the age of the fuel. In connection with this, a self-explanatory text message may appear, for example:

  • Aged fuel Start diesel engine to consume fuel
  • Aged fuel Engine will run to consume fuel
  • Aged fuel Fill up fuel tank

Follow the recommended action where appropriate.

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