Applications (apps) are applications that can be used if the car is connected to the Internet. The apps that are available vary, but app type can include navigation services, social media, Internet radio and music services, for example.

For basic operation of the system, see operating the system and menu navigation.

To use the apps, the car must first be connected to the Internet.

A symbol is shown in the upper right-hand corner of the screen when the car is connected to the Internet. If no Internet connection is available then this will be advised in the screen.


Data is transferred when using the internet (data traffic), which can have a cost.

Activation of data roaming can result in further charges.

Contact your network operator about the cost for data traffic.


Press the connection button P3-1346-x60-Connectivity symbol in the centre console and select Target missing display-db to display available apps1. Select an app in the list and start with OK/MENU.

The apps are downloaded from the Internet to the car and are run from there. The apps load (are updated) each time that they are started, which means that an Internet connection is required each time an app is used.

Some apps require location information. The symbol P3-1346-x60-SmallSymbol-position sending is shown on the screen when location information is shared.


Some apps/services require a login. There are two types:

  • Certain apps may require registration with the app/service provider. When the app starts you are informed about any need to log in. Follow the onscreen instructions to register or use an existing account to log in.
  • Certain apps/services require a login with a personal Volvo ID. Register or use an existing account and get access to a number of beneficial services, e.g. send an address from a map service on the Internet directly to a navigation app or Volvo's navigation system*2. For more information and how you create an account, see Volvo ID.

Navigation services

Navigation services give road information which leads to a preset destination. All recommended route directions are not guaranteed to be reliable because situations can arise that lie outside the capacity and judgement of the navigation system, for example sudden changes in weather.


Observe the following.

  • Direct all your attention to the road and make sure that all your concentration is on driving.
  • Follow applicable traffic legislation and drive with good judgment.
  • Due to weather conditions or time of year affecting the road conditions, some recommendations may be less reliable.


It is possible to upgrade to Sensus Navigation which includes more functions and map data updates. Contact your dealer.
  1. 1 The apps available may vary over time and vary depending on equipment level and market.
  2. * Option/accessory.
  3. 2 Sensus Navigation.