Changing wheels - fitting

It is important that the procedure for fitting the wheel is carried out correctly.


Clean the contact surfaces between wheel and hub.
Put on the wheel. Tighten the wheel bolts thoroughly.

Lower the car so that the wheels cannot rotate.

P3X-1020-Tighten the lug nuts
Tighten the wheel bolts crosswise. It is important that the wheel bolts are tightened properly. Tighten to 140 Nm. Check the torque with a torque wrench.
P3-1246-V60H-location of jack
The white arrow must point toward the front of the car.
Screw apart the towing eye and the wheel bolt wrench. Place the wheel bolt wrench and the jack in their respective compartments in the bag. Tighten the bag's centre strap firmly and use the other strap to secure the bag in the rear load retaining eyelet on the left-hand side of the cargo area. Position the bag so it is not pinched when the tailgate is closed. The white arrow on the bag must point toward the front of the car.


  • After a tyre has been inflated, always refit the dust cap in order to avoid damage to the valve from gravel, dirt, etc.
  • Only use plastic dust caps. Metal dust caps can rust and become difficult to unscrew.


The bag should be secured so that the white arrow (see the inset figure) points forward in the car.


Never crawl under the car when it is raised on the jack.

Passengers must leave the car when it is raised on the jack.

Park the car such that passengers have the car, or ideally a crash barrier, between themselves and the roadway.