Audio and media - operating the system

The audio and media system is controlled from the centre console and partly from the steering wheel buttons, with voice recognition or remote control*. The information is presented on the screen in the upper section of the centre console.
P3-1346-Infotainment handling
  1. Ikon röd cirkel 1 Scroll/fast wind/search - Short press scrolls between disc tracks, preset radio stations1 or chapter2. A long press fast-winds disc tracks or searches for the next available radio station.
  2. Ikon röd cirkel 2 SOUND - press for access to audio settings (bass, treble, etc.). For more information, see general audio settings.
  3. Ikon röd cirkel 3VOL - raise or lower the volume.
  4. Ikon röd cirkel 4P3-1020-S60/V60 On-/Off symbol Infotainment ON/OFF/MUTE - short press starts the system and long press (until the screen is off) switches off. Note that the whole of the Sensus system (including navigation*- and phone functions) starts/switches off at the same time. Briefly press to mute the sound (MUTE) or restore the sound if it had been switched off.
  5. Ikon röd cirkel 5 Disc insert and eject slot.
  6. Ikon röd cirkel 6Main sources - press to select the main source (e.g. RADIO, MEDIA). Last active source is shown (e.g. FM menu for radio). If you are in a source and press the main source button, a shortcut menu is shown.
  7. Ikon röd cirkel 7Disc eject. A disc remains in the ejected position for about 12 seconds, after which it is inserted back into the player for safety reasons.
  8. Ikon röd cirkel 8 OK/MENU - press the thumbwheel in the steering wheel or the button in the centre console to accept selections in menus. If you are in the normal view and press OK/MENU a menu is shown for the selected source (e.g. RADIO or MEDIA). Arrow to the right of the screen is shown when there are underlying menus.
  9. Ikon röd cirkel 9TUNE - turn the thumbwheel in the steering wheel or the knob in the centre console to scroll between disc tracks/folders, radio and TV* stations, phone contacts or navigate between the options on the display screen.
  10. Ikon röd cirkel 10EXIT - short press leads upwards in the menu system, interrupts current function, interrupts/rejects phone calls or erases entered characters. A long press leads to the normal view or, if already in the normal view, to the highest menu level (main source menu). which are the same as the main source buttons on the centre console (6).
  11. Ikon röd cirkel 11INFO - If more information than can be shown on the screen is available, press the INFO button to see the remaining information.
  12. Ikon röd cirkel 12 Preset buttons, input of numbers and letters.
  13. Ikon röd cirkel 13FAV - in certain sources it is possible to link a function to the FAV button. A linked function is then activated simply by pressing the FAV button, see Favourites.
  14. Ikon röd cirkel 14 Voice recognition - press in order to activate voice recognition.
  1. * Option/accessory.
  2. 1 Does not apply to DAB.
  3. 2 Only applies to DVD discs.