Adaptive cruise control* - symbols and messages

The adaptive cruise control (ACC – Adaptive Cruise Control) helps the driver to maintain an even speed and a safe distance from the vehicle ahead. Sometimes the adaptive cruise control may display a symbol and/or text message. Here are some examples - follow the recommendation given if appropriate:
P3-0720 Symbol farthållare 2The symbol is GREENThe car maintains the stored speed.
P3-0720 Symbol farthållare 2The symbol is WHITEThe Adaptive cruise control is set in standby mode.
Symbol farthållare 1Standard cruise control is selected manually.
DSTC Normal to enable CruiseThe adaptive cruise control cannot be activated until the Stability and Traction Control system (DSTC) has been set in Normal mode.
Cruise control CancelledThe adaptive cruise control has been deactivated - the driver has to regulate the speed himself.
Cruise control Unavailable

The adaptive cruise control cannot be activated.

This could be due to:

  • brake temperature is high
  • the radar sensor is blocked by e.g. wet snow or rain.
P4-1246-Symbol Radar BlockeradRadar blocked See manual

The adaptive cruise control is temporarily disengaged.

  • The radar sensor is blocked and cannot detect other vehicles. For example, in the event that heavy rain or if slush has collected in front of the radar sensor.

The driver can then choose to switch to normal Cruise control (CC) - a text message provides information on appropriate alternatives.

Read about radar sensor limitations.

Cruise control Service required

The adaptive cruise control is disengaged.

  • Contact a workshop - an authorised Volvo workshop is recommended.

Press Brake To hold + acoustic alarm

(Only with Queue Assistant)

The car is stationary and the cruise control will release the foot brake to allow the parking brake to take over and hold the car, but a fault in the parking brake means the car will shortly begin to roll.

  • The driver must brake himself/herself. The message remains and the alarm sounds until the driver depresses the brake pedal or uses the accelerator pedal.

Below 30 km/h Only following

(Only with Queue Assistant)

Shown with attempts to activate the cruise control at speeds below 30 km/h without a vehicle in front within the activation distance (approx. 30 metres).
  1. * Option/accessory.