Engine oil - checking and filling

The oil level is checked with the electronic oil level sensor.

Engine with electronic oil level sensor, 5-cyl. diesel

P3-1246-V60H Oil refill, electronic oil level sensor
Filler pipe.1

You do not need to take action with respect to the engine oil level before a message is shown in the display, see the illustration below.

P3-1246-V60H Oil message and graph in display
Message and graph in the display.
  1. Ikon röd cirkel 1Message
  2. Ikon röd cirkel 2Engine oil level

The oil level is checked using the electronic oil level gauge with the thumbwheel when the engine is switched off, see Menu navigation - combined instrument panel.


If the message Oil service required is shown, visit a workshop. The oil level may be too high.


In the event of the message Oil level low Refill 0.5 litre, only fill with 0.5 litres.


Do not fill more oil if filling level (3) or (4) appears as shown in the illustration below. The level must never be above MAX or below MIN, as this could lead to engine damage.


The oil level is only detected by the system when certain conditions are fulfilled. For this reason the system cannot always directly detect changes when the oil is filled or drained. Under certain conditions, internal combustion engine operation may be required for approx. 30 km.


Do not spill oil onto the hot exhaust manifold due to the risk of fire.

Measuring the oil level, 5-cyl. diesel

P3-1246-V60H Recommended oil level
The figures 1-4 represent filling level. Do not fill more oil if filling level (3) or (4) is shown. Recommended filling level is 4. Message and graph in the display.
  1. 1 Engines with electronic oil level sensor do not have a dipstick.

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