Audio and media

The audio and media system consists of radio, media player, TV* and the option to communicate with the mobile phone, which in some cases can be controlled with voice recognition. It is possible to connect the car to the Internet to e.g. stream audio via apps.

Information is presented on a 7-inch screen in the upper section of the centre console. Functions can be controlled via buttons in the steering wheel, in the centre console below the screen or via remote control*.

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If the audio and media system is active when the engine is switched off then it is automatically activated the next time the key is inserted into key position I or higher, and it continues with the same source (e.g. radio) as before the engine was switched off (the driver's door must be closed on cars with Keyless systems*).

The audio and media system can be used for 15 minutes at a time without the remote control key being in the ignition switch by pressing the On/Off button.

When the car is being started the audio and media system is temporarily switched off and continues when the engine has started.


Remove the remote control key from the ignition switch if the audio and media system is being used when the engine is switched off. This is to avoid discharging the battery unnecessarily.

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  1. * Option/accessory.

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