Long-term storage - points to remember

To reduce degradation of the hybrid battery during long-term storage of the vehicle it is recommended that the state of charge remains at 25%.

Proceed as follows:

  1. Select the "Hybrid" theme for the combined instrument panel. (For information on menu navigation, see Combined instrument panel.)
  2. If the state of charge is high - run the car until approx. 25% remains. If the state of charge is low - press the POWER button and run the car until approx. 25% is achieved. (For more information about drive modes, see Drive system - drive modes.)
  3. If storage has lasted longer than 6 months and is intended to continue - start the engine in drive mode POWER and leave it running for at least 10 minutes until the state of charge has stabilised at around 25% again (recommended).

If the car has been locked in and could not be run, and the hybrid battery's charge level is significantly below 25% - charge the battery for approx. 45 minutes at the lowest level, depending on the state of charge. Check the charge level continuously in the combined instrument panel, see Charging the hybrid battery - starting.

For handling the starter battery in connection with long-term storage, see Starter battery.


Choose the coolest location possible for the vehicle in order to minimise aging of the battery during long-term storage. During summer the vehicle should preferably remain indoors or outdoors in the shade, depending on where the temperature is lowest.


During long-term storage, the charging cable must not be plugged into the car's charging input socket.