Volvo Car Corporation's environmental philosophy

Your Volvo complies with strict international environmental standards and is also manufactured in one of the cleanest and most resource-efficient plants in the world.
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Environmental care is one of Volvo Car Corporation's core values which influence all operations. We also believe that our customers share our consideration for the environment.

Your Volvo complies with strict international environmental standards and is also manufactured in one of the cleanest and most resource-efficient plants in the world. Volvo Car Corporation has global ISO certification, which includes the environmental standard ISO 14001 covering all factories and several of our other units. We also set requirements for our partners so that they work systematically with environmental issues.

Fuel consumption

Volvo cars have competitive fuel consumption in each of their respective classes. Lower fuel consumption generally results in lower emission of the greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide.

It is possible for the driver to influence fuel consumption. For more information read under the heading, Reducing environmental impact.

Efficient emission control

Your Volvo is manufactured following the concept "Clean inside and out" – a concept that encompasses a clean interior environment as well as highly efficient emission control. In many cases the exhaust emissions are well below the applicable standards.

Clean air in the passenger compartment

A passenger compartment filter prevents dust and pollen from entering the passenger compartment via the air intake.

A sophisticated air quality system, IAQS* (Interior Air Quality System) ensures that the incoming air is cleaner than the air in the traffic outside.

The system consists of an electronic sensor and a carbon filter. The incoming air is monitored continuously and if there is an increase in the level of certain unhealthy gases such as carbon monoxide then the air intake is closed. Such a situation may arise in heavy traffic, queues and tunnels for example.

The entry of nitrous oxides, ground-level ozone and hydrocarbons is prevented by the carbon filter.


The interior of a Volvo is designed to be pleasant and comfortable, even for people with contact allergies and for asthma sufferers. Extreme attention has been given to choosing environmentally-compatible materials.

Volvo workshops and the environment

Regular maintenance creates the conditions for a long service life and low fuel consumption for your car. In this way you contribute to a cleaner environment. When Volvo's workshops are entrusted with the service and maintenance of your car it becomes part of our system. Volvo makes clear demands regarding the way in which our workshops are designed in order to prevent spills and discharges into the environment. Our workshop staff have the knowledge and the tools required to guarantee good environmental care.

Reducing environmental impact

You can easily help reduce environmental impact - here are a few tips:

  • Avoid letting the engine idle - switch off the engine when stationary for longer periods. Pay attention to local regulations.
  • Drive economically - think ahead.
  • Perform service and maintenance in accordance with the instructions in the owner's manual - follow the Service and Warranty Booklet's recommended intervals.
  • If the car is equipped with an engine block heater*, use it before starting from cold - it improves starting capacity and reduces wear in cold weather and the engine reaches normal operating temperature more quickly, which lowers consumption and reduces emissions.
  • High speed increases consumption considerably due to increased wind resistance - a doubling of speed increases wind resistance 4 times.
  • Always dispose of environmentally hazardous waste, such as batteries and oils, in an environmentally safe manner. Consult a workshop in the event of uncertainty about how this type of waste should be discarded - an authorised Volvo workshop is recommended.

Following this advice can save money, the planet's resources are saved, and the car's durability is extended. For more information and further advice, see Eco guide, Economical driving and Fuel consumption.


As a part of Volvo's environmental work, it is important that the car is recycled in an environmentally sound manner. Almost all of the car can be recycled. The last owner of the car is therefore requested to contact a dealer for referral to a certified/approved recycling facility.

  1. * Option/accessory.