Stability and traction control system (DSTC)

The stability and traction control system, DSTC (Dynamic Stability & Traction Control), helps the driver to avoid skidding and improves the car's traction.

The activation of the system during braking may be noticed as a throbbing sound. The car may accelerate slower than expected when the accelerator pedal is depressed.

The system consists of the following functions:

  • Active Yaw Control
  • Spin Control
  • Traction control system
  • Engine drag control - EDC
  • Corner Traction Control - CTC
  • Trailer Stability Assist* - TSA

Active Yaw Control

The function checks the driving and brake force of the wheels individually in order to stabilise the car.

Spin Control

The function prevents the driving wheels from spinning against the road surface during acceleration.

Traction control system

The function is active at low speed and transfers power from the driving wheel that is spinning to the one that is not.

Engine drag control - (EDC)

EDC (Engine Drag Control) prevents involuntary wheel locking, e.g. after shifting down or engine braking when driving in low gears on slippery road surfaces.

Involuntary wheel locking while driving can, amongst other things, impair the driver's ability to steer the car.

Corner Traction Control - (CTC)

CTC compensates for understeer and allows higher than normal acceleration in a bend without wheelspin on the inner wheel, e.g. on an arcing motorway entrance road to quickly reach the prevailing traffic speed.

Trailer Stability Assist1

Trailer stability assist function is to stabilise the car and trailer combination if it begins to snake. For more information, see Driving with a trailer.


The function is deactivated if the driver selects Sport mode.
  1. 1 Included in the installation of Volvo genuine towbar.