Door and seatbelt reminder

The system reminds unbelted occupants to wear a seatbelt, and also warns about an open door, bonnet or lid.

Driver display graphics

P5-1646-S90/V90–Safety–Driver display belt and door reminder
Graphics in the driver display with different types of warnings. The warning colour on the door and tailgate is dependent on the vehicle's speed.

The driver display's graphics show which seats in the car are occupied by belted and unbelted passengers.

The same graphic also shows if the bonnet, tailgate, fuel filler flap or any door is open.

The graphic can be acknowledged by pressing the O button on the right-hand steering wheel keypad.

Seatbelt reminder

P5-1507–Safety–Overhead console belt reminder
Visual reminder in the roof console.

A visual reminder is given in the roof console and by means of the warning symbol in the driver display.

The acoustic reminder is dependent on speed, driving time and distance.

The belt status of the driver and passengers is shown in the driver display's graphic when a belt is buckled or unbuckled.

Child seats are not covered by the seatbelt reminder system.

Front seat

A visual and acoustic reminder remind the driver and front seat passenger to use a seatbelt if either of them is not wearing one.

Rear seat

The seatbelt reminder in the rear seat has two subfunctions:
  • Provides information on which seatbelts are being used in the rear seat. The driver display's graphics are shown when the seatbelts are in use.
  • Reminding that a seatbelt in the rear seat is unfastened during a journey by means of a visual and acoustic reminder. The reminder will cease once the seatbelt has been put on again.

Reminder for doors, bonnet, tailgate and fuel filler flap

If the bonnet, tailgate, fuel filler flap or a door is not closed properly, the driver display's graphics show what is open. Stop the car in a safe place as soon as possible and close the source of the warning.

P5-1507 Symbol General yellow

If the car is driven at a speed lower than approx. 10 km/h (6 mph) then the driver display's information symbol illuminates.

P5-1507 Symbol General red

If the car is driven at a speed higher than approx. 10 km/h (6 mph) then the driver display's warning symbol illuminates.