Snow chains

Use of snow chains and/or winter tyres can help to improve the traction in winter conditions.

Volvo recommends that snow chains are not used on wheel dimensions other than 7.5x18 ET 45 235/45. Volvo recommends that snow chains are not used for Polestar Engineered, but AutoSock can be used as a complement to winter tyres together with the wheel dimension 8x19 ET 42 235/40.


Use Volvo genuine snow chains or equivalent chains designed for the car model, and tyre and rim dimensions. Only single-sided snow chains are permitted.

In the event of uncertainty about the show chain, Volvo recommends that an authorised Volvo workshop should be contacted. The wrong snow chains may cause serious damage to the car and lead to an accident.


Snow chains can be used on the car with the following restrictions:

  • Always follow the mounting instructions from the manufacturer carefully. Fit the chains as tensioned as possible and tension them at regular intervals.
  • Snow chains must only be used on the front wheels (also applies to all-wheel drive cars).
  • In some cases, snow chains must NOT be used, such as if accessory, aftermarket or "special" tyres and wheels are fitted that have a different size to the original tyres and wheels. Sufficient distance must be maintained between the chains and brakes, suspension and body components.
  • Check local regulations with regard to using snow chains before fitting them.
  • Never exceed the chain manufacturer's specified maximum speed. You must never exceed 50 km/h (30 mph) under any circumstances.
  • Avoid bumps, holes or sharp turns when driving with snow chains.
  • Avoid driving on bare ground as this wears out both the snow chains and tyres.
  • Driving with snow chains may have a negative effect on the car's driving characteristics. Avoid fast or sharp turns, as well as braking with locked wheels.
  • Some types of chain that are firmly tensioned affect brake components and must therefore NOT be used.

You can obtain more information on snow chains from a Volvo dealer.

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