Settings for route and road navigation

Settings are selected here to define how the route is to be calculated and the road navigation presented in the navigation system*.
SettingsNavigationRoute and Guidance
Settings can be made within the following areas:
  • Arrival Time Format
  • Voice Guidance Level
  • Choose Default Route Type
  • Route Learning
  • Avoidance Settings
  • Suggest Petrol Station

Time format

Select how arrival time should be specified:
  • ETA1 (estimated time of arrival at destination)
  • RTA2 (remaining time to arrival)

The times shown apply to the time zone of the destination.

Level for voice guidance

Press Voice Guidance Level.

Tap on the voice guidance required:

  • None (no automatic voice guidance but the possibility of manually requesting current voice guidance once)
  • Low (only one message per guidance point)
  • Medium (up to 3 messages per guidance point, with limited information)
  • Full (up to 4 messages per guidance point and all available information)

Standard route types

Select the standard type of route preferred:
  • Fast
  • Eco
  • Scenic (motorways are avoided as far as possible, so the journey time may be long)

It is also possible to show an alternative route while driving continues.

Route learning

Select Route Learning if data collection to optimise route calculation should be permitted.


Press Avoidance Settings to open a menu with different options that can be avoided automatically, if possible, when calculating route. For example, select tunnels, areas with congestion charge and ferries.

Suggestions for petrol stations

Press Suggest Petrol Station to activate or deactivate suggestions for nearby petrol stations in the driver display when the fuel level is low.

  1. * Option/accessory.
  2. 1 Estimated Time of Arrival
  3. 2 Remaining Time to Arrival