Handling the spare wheel

Follow these instructions for handling the spare wheel.
P5-1917-Spare tire strap
The illustration is generic and appearance may differ.

The spare wheel is stored in a bag and must be secured with two straps on the floor of the cargo area while driving. The straps must be tensioned crosswise over the wheel and attached in the car's four load retaining eyelets.

Tools for changing wheels are located under the cargo area floor.

Polestar Engineered

If your car is Polestar Engineered then spare wheels of the Temporary Spare type do not fit on the front wheel axle due to the larger brakes.

Tyres should only be switched between front and rear positions, never between left and right-hand sides, or vice versa. If one of the front tyres needs to be replaced by the spare wheel:
Replace the rear tyre on the same side of the car as the punctured tyre with the spare wheel.
Move the rear tyre forward and replace the punctured tyre.

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