You can use the Spotify app in your Volvo to listen to music when the car has an Internet connection.
P5-1846-Spotify symbol

Getting started with Spotify

To use Spotify requires a Spotify Premium account. Currently, it is not possible to create an account from the app in the car, but you can easily create an account from the Spotify website. If you already have a Spotify Premium account then you can of course use it.

Internet connection when using Spotify

To use Spotify in your car, the app must have access to the Internet. Offline mode is currently not available.

Sound quality

You can choose which sound quality you prefer in the app's settings. You can choose between Normal, High and Extreme sound quality.

  • Normal (96 kbps)
  • High (160 kbps)
  • Extreme (320 kbps)


The Spotify app offers a range of options and functions, such as:

  • Free text searching
  • Auto search
  • Play/Pause/Resume
  • Browse through albums, playlists, news, etc.
  • Add/remove tracks from the library
  • Logging in/out
  • Skip between tracks
  • Spotify Connect
  • Spotify Radio


Volvo does not save information that is used in the Spotify app with the exception of locally stored data that is necessary for the app to work. Your password is never saved and if you have logged out of the app you must enter both your username and password to login again.

Deleting user information

To delete user information, logout from the Spotify app via the Settings menu. The user information is also deleted during a factory reset of the centre display.

Tips for using Spotify

If you experience problems with Spotify, make sure you have an Internet connection and good signal strength.

  1. 1 Availability varies depending on market.