IntelliSafe - Safety check at start

When you start the car after it has been fully switched off, a safety check of the car's driver support systems is shown in the driver display.

The safety check is shown in the driver display

This software update includes a check of driver support and safety systems, which is shown in the driver display. The check shows which driver support systems are available in the car and whether they are ready for use. If you update the software, this does not affect the function for previous driver support or safety systems - only the visual safety check is added, which is shown when starting the car.


Available driver support systems may vary depending on the market, options, car model and model year.

Driver display 12"

The green dots indicate that everything looks OK. If any system needs an additional check, this is shown by an orange dot and a message in the driver display.

P5-1846-IntelliSafe security check 12 inch screen
The illustration shows the 12" driver display. The green dot means that the check has been successful.

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