Trip computer - digital combined instrument panel

The car's trip computer can record, calculate and show information.

The trip computer's menu is in a variable loop. One of the alternatives is that the trip computer's three displays extinguish - this also marks the start/end of the loop.

P4-1246-Färddator High
Information displays and stalk switch controls.
  1. Ikon röd cirkel 1OK - Opens the loop with the trip computer's functions + Activates the selected option.
  2. Ikon röd cirkel 2Thumbwheel - Opens the loop with the trip computer's headings + Scrolls through the options.
  3. Ikon röd cirkel 3RESET - Undoes, zeroes or backs out of a function after making a selection.


Proceed as follows to open and check/adjust functions:

  1. To ensure that no control is in the middle of a sequence - "Reset" them first with two presses on RESET.
  2. Press OK - loop with all functions opens.
  3. Browse through the functions with the thumbwheel and select/confirm with OK.
  4. Finish by pressing twice on RESET after completed checking/adjustment.

The different functions of the trip computer are listed in the following table:

Trip computer reset
  • Average
  • Average speed
Note that this function does not reset both trip meters T1 and T2 - see table under next section "Headings" and section "Resetting - Average speed/consumption" for information on the process.
For more information, see Messages - handling.
The appearance of the combined instrument panel is selected here.

Select Auto On or Off.

For more information, see Additional heater*.

Contrast mode/Colour mode
Adjusting the combined instrument panel's brightness and colour intensity.
Parking heater*
  • Direct start
  • - Symbol Timer 1 - leads to the menu for selecting time.
  • - Symbol Timer 2 - leads to the menu for selecting time.

For a description of programming the timer, see Engine block heater and passenger compartment heater* - timer.

Service status
Shows the number of months and mileage to next service.
Oil level1
For more information, see Engine oil - checking and filling.


P4-1246-Färddator High
Three trip computer headings can be displayed simultaneously - one in each "window".

One of the heading combinations in the following table can be selected for constant display in the combined instrument panel. Proceed as follows to determine which:

  1. To ensure that no control is in the middle of a sequence - "Reset" them first with two presses on RESET.
  2. Turn the thumbwheel - selectable heading combinations are shown in a loop.
  3. Stop on desired heading combination.
Heading combinationsInformation
AverageTrip meter T1 + Meter readingAverage speed
  • Long press on RESET resets trip meter T1.
InstantaneousTrip meter T2 + Meter readingDistance to empty tank
  • Long press on RESET resets trip meter T2.
InstantaneousMeter readingkmh<>mphkmh<>mph - see section "Digital speed display".
No trip computer information.This option extinguishes all three trip computer displays - it also marks the beginning/end of the loop.

The combined instrument panel's heading combination for the trip computer can be changed to another option at any time during the journey. Proceed as follows:

  • Turn the thumbwheel - stop on the desired heading.

Resetting - Trip meter

Turn with the thumbwheel to the heading combination containing the trip meter to be reset:

  • Give a long press on RESET - selected trip meter is zeroed.

Resetting - Average speed/consumption

1.Select function Trip computer reset and activate with OK.
2.Select one of the following options with the thumbwheel and activate with OK:
  • l/100 km
  • km/h
  • Reset both
3.Finish with RESET.
  1. * Option/accessory.
  2. 1 Certain engines.