Tyre pressure monitoring (TPMS)*1 - recommendations

Tyre pressure monitoring (TPMS) (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System)* warns the driver when the pressure is too low in one or more of the car's tyres.
  • Volvo recommends that TPMS sensors are fitted to all wheels on the car, including winter wheels.
  • Volvo recommends that sensors are not moved between different wheels.
  • The spare wheel is not equipped a with TPMS sensor.
  • If the spare wheel or a wheel without a TPMS sensor is used, the error message Tyre pressure system Service required will be shown in the combined instrument panel.
  • If a wheel has been changed, or if the TPMS sensor has been moved to another wheel then the seal, nut and valve core must be replaced.
  • When TPMS sensors are installed, the car should be switched off for at least 15 minutes otherwise an error message will be shown in the combined instrument panel.


When inflating a tyre equipped with TPMS, hold the nozzle of the pump directly against the valve to avoid damaging the valve.


  • After a tyre has been inflated, always refit the dust cap in order to avoid damage to the valve from gravel, dirt, etc.
  • Only use plastic dust caps. Metal dust caps can rust and become difficult to unscrew.


If you want to change the tyre dimension then the TPMS system must be reconfigured. For further information - contact a Volvo dealer.
  1. * Option/accessory.
  2. 1 Standard in certain markets.

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