Main/dipped beam

With the knob for headlamp control in position P3-1220 Symbol AUTO in light switch module and the car's electrical system in key position II or the engine running, the dipped beam is activated automatically in poor light conditions.
P3-1220-S60/V60/V70/XC70/S80/S80L High/low beam headlights with AUTO position
Stalk switch and knob for headlamp control.
  1. Ikon röd pil 1Position for main beam flash
  2. Ikon röd pil 2Position for main beam

Dipped beam

With the knob in P3-1220 Symbol AUTO in light switch module position, dipped beam is activated automatically at twilight or when daylight becomes too weak. Dipped beam is also activated automatically if the windscreen wipers or the rear fog lamps are activated.

With the knob in position P4-1246 Symbol Automatiskt halvljus dipped beam is always switched on when the engine is running or when key position II is active.

Main beam flash

Move the stalk switch gently towards the steering wheel to the position for main beam flash. Main beam comes on until the stalk switch is released.

Main beam

Main beam can be activated when the knob is in position P3-1220 Symbol AUTO in light switch module1 or P4-1246 Symbol Automatiskt halvljus. Activate/deactivate main beam by moving the stalk switch towards the steering wheel to the end position and then releasing. Alternatively, the main beam can be deactivated by a light press of the stalk switch toward the steering wheel.

When main beam has been activated the Symbol helljus - text symbol illuminates in the combined instrument panel.

Auxiliary lamps*

If the car has auxiliary lamps, the driver can use the MY CAR menu system to choose whether they should be deactivated or switched on/off simultaneously with the main beam2, see MY CAR.

  1. 1 When dipped beam is switched on.
  2. * Option/accessory.
  3. 2 Auxiliary lamps must be connected to the electrical system by a workshop. Volvo recommends that you contact an authorised Volvo workshop.

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