Warning triangle

The warning triangle is used to warn other road users of a stationary vehicle.

Storage and folding up

P3-1035-V60-Placering varningstriangel
P3-1517-V60-Bi Fuel-warning triangel in luggage comp
Applies to Bi-Fuel* cars.
Copy of P3-647 Varningstriangel-3/3
Ikon grå fyrkant 1

Lift the floor hatch and take out the warning triangle.

Ikon grå fyrkant 2

Take the warning triangle from the case, fold out and assemble the two loose sides.

Ikon grå fyrkant 3

Fold out the warning triangle's support legs.

Follow the regulations for the use of a warning triangle. Position the warning triangle in a suitable place with regard to traffic.

Ensure the warning triangle and its case are properly secured in the cargo area after use.


If the car has been locked with privacy locking then the boot lid/tailgate and floor hatch cannot be opened, see Privacy locking*.
  1. * Option/accessory.