Towing capacity and towball load

Towing capacity and towball load for driving with a trailer can be read in the tables.

Max. weight braked trailer


Not all engines are available in all markets.



Engine code1GearboxMax. weight braked trailer (kg)Max. towball load (kg)
T2B4154T5Automatic, TF-71SC150075
T3B4204T37Manual, M66160075
T3B4154T4Automatic, TF-71SC150075
T3B4154T6Automatic, TF-71SC150075
T4B4204T19Manual, M66160075
T4B4204T19Automatic, TF-71SC160075
T5/Bi-FuelB4204T11Automatic, TG-81SC180090
T5B4204T15Automatic, TG-81SC160075
T5B4204T41Automatic, TG-81SC180090
T6B4204T9Automatic, TG-81SC180090
T6 AWDB4204T9Automatic, TG-81SC180090
D2D4204T8Manual, M66160075
D2D4204T20Automatic, TF-71SC160075
D3D4204T9Manual, M66160075
D3D4204T9Automatic, TF-71SC160075
D4D4204T14Manual, M66180090
D4D4204T14Automatic, TG-81SC180090
D4 AWDD5244T21Automatic, TF-80SD180090
D5D4204T11Automatic, TG-81SC180090

Max. weight unbraked trailer

Max. weight unbraked trailer (kg)Max. towball load (kg)