Pedestrian Protection System

The Pedestrian Protection System (PPS) is a system which, in certain frontal collisions, contributes to mitigating a pedestrian's impact with the car.

In certain frontal collisions with a pedestrian, the sensors in the front of the car react and the system is activated.

When PPS is activated, the following occur:
  • The rear section of the bonnet is raised.
  • An automatic alarm is sent via Volvo Assistance.

The sensors are active at a speed of approx. 25-50 km/h (15-30 mph).

The sensors are designed to detect a collision with an object that has similar properties to those of the human leg.


There may be objects in the traffic environment that prompt a signal to the sensors that is similar to a collision with a pedestrian. It is possible that the system will be activated in the event of a collision with such an object.


Do not fit any accessories or change anything in the front. Incorrect intervention at the front may cause incorrect function in the system and lead to serious injury and damage to the car.

Volvo recommends that genuine wiper arms are used and that only genuine parts are used for them.


Never modify or repair the system yourself. Volvo recommends that an authorised Volvo workshop should be contacted. Defective work in the system could cause malfunction and result in serious personal injury.


Volvo recommends contacting an authorised Volvo workshop in the event of any damage to the front of the car in order to ensure that the system is intact.

Symbols in the driver display

P5-1617-S90/V90–Safety–Symbol Pedestrian Protection System
PPS has been activated, or a fault has occurred in the system. Follow the recommendation shown.


Never drive the car if the bonnet is blocking your view after the system has been activated. Instead, Volvo recommends that the car is towed.