Fitting and removing cargo cover*

In the extended position, the cargo cover prevents visual access to the cargo area.

Fitting cargo cover

P5-1717-XC60-Load cover installation
P5-Icon red arrow 1

Insert one of the cargo cover's end pieces in the recess in the side panel in the cargo area.

P5-Icon red arrow 2

Then insert the other end piece in the recess in the side panel on the opposite side.

P5-Icon red arrow 3

Press down the end pieces on both sides - one by one.

"When a ""click"" is heard and the red marking on each end piece has disappeared, the cargo cover is attached - check that it is affixed securely."

Removing cargo cover

In retracted position:

Depress the button on one of the retracted cargo cover's end pieces and lift out that end.

Angle the cover up/out carefully.
The other end piece loosens automatically and the cover can be lifted out of the cargo area.
  1. * Option/accessory.