Deleting apps

There are different options for uninstalling apps1.

Uninstalling apps via the app view

Open app view iCup-2037-App view symbol.
Tap on and hold down the app to be deleted so that a wastepaper basket is displayed at the bottom.
Drag the app to the wastepaper basket, then release it.
Confirm the deletion.

Uninstalling apps via Settings

Go to Settings iCup-2037-Settings symbol at the bottom of the centre display.
Select Privacy.
Go to Applications.
Choose to show all installed apps and then select the app to be uninstalled.
Select to uninstall the app and confirm the removal.


If the app to be removed is alone in the tile, it must be uninstalled via Settings.
  1. * Option/accessory.
  2. 1 Apps provided with the car, so-called basic apps, cannot be uninstalled. For example, the phone or radio* apps.

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