Using main beam

Main beam is operated with the left-hand stalk switch. Main beam is the car's strongest lighting and should be used when driving in the dark for better visibility, as long as it does not dazzle other road users.
P5/P6-2222-Stalk with turning ring, high beam toggling
Steering wheel stalk switch with rotating ring.

Main beam flash

P5-Icon red arrow 1Move the stalk switch backwards slightly to main beam flash position. Main beam comes on until the stalk switch is released.

Main beam

P5-Icon red arrow 2Main beam can be activated when the steering wheel stalk switch's rotating ring is in position P5-1707 Symbol AUTO1 or P5-1507 Symbol low beam. Activate main beam by moving the stalk switch forwards.
P5-Icon red arrow 3Deactivate by moving the stalk switch backwards.


When main beam has been activated, it can be deactivated by moving the stalk switch backwards to either P5-Icon red arrow 1 position or P5-Icon red arrow 3 position.

When main beam has been activated the P5-1507 Symbol high beam symbol illuminates in the driver display.

  1. 1 When dipped beam is activated.