Operating power windows

Using the driver's door control panel, all power windows can be operated - using the control panels in the other doors operates the power window in the individual door.

The power windows are equipped with pinch protection. If any fault arises with the pinch protection, a reset sequence can be tested.


Children, other passengers or objects may be trapped by the moving parts.

  • Always operate the windows with caution.
  • Do not allow children to play with the controls.
  • Never leave children alone in the car.
  • Remember to always switch off the power supply to the power windows by setting the car's electrical system in ignition position 0, and then take the key with you when leaving the car.
  • Never put an object or part of the body through the windows, even if the car's electrical system is fully disconnected.
P5-1507 Driver's door control panel - operating
Operating the power windows.
  1. P5-Icon red arrow 1Operating without auto. Move one of the controls gently up or down. The power windows move up or down as long as the control is held in position.
  2. P5-Icon red arrow 2Operating with auto. Move one of the controls up or down to the end position and release it. The window runs automatically to its end position.

In order for the power windows to be used, the ignition position must be I or II. The power windows can be operated for a few minutes after the car has been switched off and after the ignition has been switched off - although not after a door has been opened. It is only possible to operate one control at a time.

It can also be operated using a key or keyless opening* with the door handle.


Check that children or other passengers are not at risk of crushing when all the windows are closed with a key or keyless opening* with a door handle.


One way to reduce the pulsating wind noise when the rear windows are open is to also open the front windows slightly.


The windows cannot be opened at speeds above approx. 180 km/h (approx. 112 mph), but they can be closed.

The driver always bears responsibility for following traffic regulations in force.


It may not be possible to operate windows at low temperatures.
  1. * Option/accessory.