Fuel gauge

The fuel gauge in the driver display shows the fuel level in the tank.
P5-22w22-iCup-Fuel gauge

The white zone in the fuel gauge indicates the quantity of fuel in the tank.

When the fuel level is low, the fuel pump symbol illuminates and turns amber colour. Distance to empty tank is also indicated in the fuel gauge.

Distance to empty tank

P5-1846-All-Trip computer symbol Distance to empty

The trip computer calculates how far you can drive with the amount of fuel in the tank.

The calculation is based on the average fuel consumption over the last 30 km (20 miles) and the remaining amount of fuel.

When the gauge shows "----", there is not enough fuel left to be able to calculate the remaining mileage. Then, refuel as soon as possible.


There may be a slight deviation if the driving style has been changed.

An economic driving style generally results in a longer driving distance.