The car's physical keys are available in different variants. The car detects when a key is in the front part of the passenger compartment, and the car can then be started.
P5P6-20w17-Keys overview
Available key types are standard key, Key Tag*, and Care Key.1

The standard key and Care Key are equipped with buttons. Additional keys to the number included as standard can be ordered. For cars equipped with keyless locking and unlocking*, a slightly smaller, lighter and button-less key (Key Tag) can be purchased as an accessory.

To start the car, a key needs to be within the front part of the passenger compartment.

For cars equipped with keyless locking and unlocking (Passive Entry)* the key can be anywhere in the car to start the car.

These keys can be linked to different user profiles to save personal preferences in the car.


The key contains a button cell battery. Keep new and used batteries out of the reach of children. If someone swallows a battery it may cause serious injury.

If damage is discovered, e.g. if the battery cover cannot be closed properly, then the product should not be used. Keep defective products out of the reach of children.

Standard key and its buttons

16w17 - SPA - Remote Key with buttons
The key has four buttons - one on the left-hand side and three on the right-hand side.

P5-1507 Remote key icon for lock/global close Locking

One press on the button locks the car and arms the alarm*.

One long press closes all windows as well as the panoramic roof*.

P5-1646-x90-Remote key icon for unlocking Unlocking

One press on the button unlocks the car and disarms the alarm*. One long press opens all windows simultaneously. This can be used, for example, to quickly air a hot car before getting into it.

P5-1646-x90-Remote key icon for trunk opening/closing Tailgate

One press on the button disarms the alarm* and unlocks the tailgate. On cars with power operated tailgate*, the tailgate is opened or closed with one long press. An acoustic warning signal sounds when the tailgate is opened or closed.

P5-1507 Remote key icon for panic alarm Panic function

The panic function is used to attract attention in an emergency. Press and hold the button for at least 3 seconds or press it twice within 3 seconds to activate the car's direction indicators and the horn2. The function can be switched off using the unlock button after it has been active for at least 5 seconds. Otherwise it is deactivated automatically after 2 minutes and 45 seconds.


If anyone is left in the car, make sure the power windows and panoramic roof* are de-energised by taking the key with you when you leave the car.


A key that has been locked in the car is temporarily deactivated and cannot be used before the car has been unlocked using another valid key.

Button-less key (Key Tag)*

A Key Tag can be ordered as an accessory for cars equipped with the keyless locking and unlocking function. Starting and keyless locking and unlocking work in the same way as with the standard key. The key is waterproof to a depth of approx. 10 metres (30 feet) for up to 60 minutes. It does not have extending key blade, and the battery cannot be replaced.

Care Key

You can set a speed limit that is active when the Care Key is used. The limitation is intended to encourage the car to be driven in a safe manner, e.g. when being loaned out.

If the active key is removed from the car


If the key is removed from the car when the engine is running, the warning message, The car key is not detected. See Owner's Manual for more information., is shown in the driver display and an acoustic reminder sounds when the last door is closed.

The message disappears when the key is returned to the car, followed by a press of the right-hand keypad's O button, or when all doors have been closed.


Key functions for keyless starting and keyless locking and unlocking* can be disrupted by electromagnetic fields and screening.


Avoid storing the car's keys close to metal objects or electronics (e.g. mobile phones, tablets, laptops or chargers). Preferably no closer than 10-15 cm (4-6 inches).

If there is still interference - use the key's detachable key blade to unlock. Then place the key in the back-up reader in the cup holder to disarm the alarm and allow the car to be started.


When the key shall be read by the back-up reader, make sure that the cup holder is separate from other nearby car keys, metal objects and electronics (e.g. mobile phones, tablets, laptops or chargers). These objects may disrupt the functions.
  1. * Option/accessory.
  2. 1 The figure is schematic - parts may vary depending on car model.
  3. 2 In Hong Kong and Israel, only the direction indicators are activated.