Apple® CarPlay®*

CarPlay1 gives you the option to listen to music, make phone calls, get directions, send/receive messages and use Siri®, all while you stay focused on your driving.

CarPlay works with selected iPhone®2 models. If the car does not already have support for CarPlay then it is possible to install it afterwards. Contact a Volvo dealer to install CarPlay.

Information about which apps are supported and which iPhone models are compatible is available on Apple's website: Please note that Volvo does not accept responsibility for the content of CarPlay.

When using map navigation via CarPlay, directions are shown in the driver display. A route description must be active for the map to be displayed.

When navigation is started through Apple CarPlay, ongoing native turn-by-turn route guidance will be ended.

The CarPlay apps can be controlled via the centre display, your iPhone or with the steering wheel's right-hand keypad. The apps can be voice-controlled using Siri. A long press on the steering wheel button P5–1507–Voice control button starts voice control using Siri and a short press activates the car's own voice control. If Siri breaks off too early, hold the steering wheel button P5–1507–Voice control button depressed.

  1. * Option/accessory.
  2. 1 Availability may vary depending on market.
  3. 2 Apple, CarPlay, iPhone and Siri are registered trademarks owned by Apple Inc.