Lock confirmation

When the car is locked or unlocked can be indicated in various ways. You can adjust how the car confirms locking or unlocking through the settings for lock indication and door mirrors.

Exterior indication

  • The car's hazard warning flashers indicate locking by flashing and retracting the door mirrors1.
  • The car's hazard warning flashers indicate unlocking by two flashes and extending the door mirrors1.

All doors, the tailgate and the bonnet must be closed for the car to indicate that it is locked. If locking takes place with just the driver door closed2, locking will take place but the lock indication with hazard warning flashers will only take place when all doors, the tailgate and the bonnet have been closed.

Lock and alarm indicator on the instrument panel

PX-2222-Alarm indicator
The indicator for locks and alarm is located in the centre of the instrument panel, close to the windscreen.
The lock and alarm indicator shows the status of the locking system:
  • A long flash indicates locking.
  • Short flashes indicate that the car is locked.
  • Rapid flashes after disarming the alarm* indicate that the alarm has been triggered.

Indication in the door lock buttons

The inside of the car is equipped with lock buttons that include a lock symbol and a lock indicator lamp.

PX-2222-Lock symbol

All of the doors are locked when the indicator lamps for the front doors are illuminated. The lamps are extinguished if any car door is opened.

The rear door indicator lamps* are extinguished if a rear door is unlocked.

Other indication

Depending on the car's settings, functions such as home safety light and guidance light, as well as automatic retraction and extension of door mirrors, can indicate locking or unlocking.

  1. 1 Only for cars with retractable power door mirrors.
  2. * Option/accessory.
  3. 2 Not possible with keyless locking*.