Automatic braking when stationary

Automatic brake when stationary (Auto hold) means that the driver can release the brake pedal while maintaining braking effect when the car has stopped at traffic lights or a junction.

When the car has stopped, the brakes are activated automatically. The function can use either foot brake or parking brake to hold the car stationary and it works on all gradients. When driving off, the brakes are released automatically if the driver is wearing the seatbelt and/or the driver's door is closed.


When braking to a standstill on an uphill or downhill slope, the brake pedal should be depressed a little harder before being released to ensure the car does not roll.
The parking brake is activated automatically
  • if the car is switched off
  • when the driver unbuckles the seatbelt and/or opens the driver's door.
  • if the function Auto hold (brake when stationary) is activated and the car has been stationary for a while (approx. 5–10 minutes).

Auto hold can also change over to the parking brake in other situations.

Symbols in the driver display

P5P6-21w22-iCup-Auto hold symbol
The symbol is illuminated when the function uses the foot brake to keep the car stationary. Note that the foot brake may be active even if the symbol is not lit.
P5P6-2037-iCup-Parking brake warning symbol
The symbol is illuminated when the function uses the parking brake to keep the car stationary.