Topping up washer fluid

Washer fluid is used for cleaning the headlamps as well as the windscreen and rear window. Washer fluid with antifreeze must be used when the temperature is under the freezing point.

P5-1507-Refilling washer fluid container


When approx. 1 litre (1 qt) of washer fluid remains in the reservoir, the message Refill washer fluid, level low appears together with the P5-1507-Washer fluid-symbol symbol in the driver display.
When the Refill washer fluid, level low message together with the P5-1507-Washer fluid-symbol symbol appear in the driver display, it is time to refill washer fluid
Open the bonnet with the handle in the passenger compartment and then with the handle under the front edge of the bonnet.

Open the washer fluid reservoir cap.

Washer fluid is filled into the reservoir with the blue cap. The reservoir is used for windscreen washer, rear window washer and headlamp washers*.

Top up with washer fluid.
Close the washer fluid reservoir cap and then close the bonnet.

Prescribed grade: Washer fluid recommended by Volvo – with frost protection during cold weather and for temperatures below freezing point.


Use Volvo genuine washer fluid or equivalent with a recommended pH of between 6 and 8, in working dilution (e.g. 1:1 with neutral water).


Use washer fluid with antifreeze when the temperature is below freezing to avoid the fluid freezing inside the pump, reservoir and hoses.


  • Cars with headlamp washing: 5.5 litres (5.8 qts).
  • Cars without headlamp washing: 3.5 litres (3.7 qts).
  1. * Option/accessory.