Display mode for Pilot Assist*

The following sample illustration shows how Pilot Assist* and Adaptive Cruise Control1 can be shown in the driver display.

Symbol indication

Px-2122-iCup-Adaptive Cruise Control active, Pilot Assist not selected

Adaptive Cruise Control is active.

Pilot Assist is selected but not available. The criteria for the function are not met.

Px-2122-iCup-Adaptive Cruise Control and Pilot Assist active
Pilot Assist is active.


Px-2037-iCup-Adaptive Cruise Control measuring graphics
Indication of speeds.
  1. P5-Icon red circle 1Stored speed
  2. P5-Icon red circle 2Current speed of your car

Time interval

Px-21w22-iCup-DIM-Pilot Assist without steer-With detected lead vehicle
When the symbol in the driver display shows a car, the time interval to the vehicle ahead is regulated.
Px-21w22-iCup-DIM-Pilot Assist without steer-Without detected lead vehicle
When no car is shown, the functions follow the saved speed.
  1. * Option/accessory.
  2. 1 These functions can be either standard or optional, depending on market.

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