Symbols and messages for lane assistance

A number of symbols and messages regarding lane assistance (LKA1) can be shown on the driver display. Here are some examples.
P6-2037-XC40BEV-User manual symbol
Driver support system Reduced functionality Service requiredThe system does not function as it should. A workshop should be contacted2.
P6-2037-XC40BEV-User manual symbol
Windscreen sensor blocked See Owner's manualThe ability of the camera to scan the roadway in front of the car is reduced.
Apply steering Lane Keeping AidThe steering assistance does not function if the driver does not have his/her hands on the steering wheel. Follow the instruction and steer the car.

A text message can be cleared by briefly pressing the P5–1507–Symbol-OK button button, located in the centre of the steering wheel's right-hand keypad.

If a message remains, contact a workshop - an authorised Volvo workshop is recommended.

  1. 1 Lane Keeping Aid
  2. 2 An authorised Volvo workshop is recommended.