Replacing the battery in the key

The battery in the key can be replaced when it has discharged. The service life of the battery depends on how much the key is used. The Key Tag* battery cannot be replaced.


All batteries have a limited service life and must eventually be replaced (does not apply to Key Tag). The service life of the battery varies depending on how often the vehicle/key is used.

The key's battery needs to be replaced when the information symbol is illuminated and the The car key battery is low. See Owner's Manual for replacement. message is shown in the driver display.

Another sign that the battery level is low is decreased range for the key.

The battery in the Key tag (Key Tag)* cannot be replaced. When the battery is discharged, a new Key tag can be ordered from an authorised Volvo workshop.


Hand in a discharged Key Tag to an authorised Volvo workshop where it can be deleted from the car's system. The key can still be used to start the car via back-up start when the battery has been discharged.

Opening the key and changing its battery


Avoid touching the contact surfaces of a new battery with your fingers. This impairs the battery's functionality.

Hold the key so that its front with the Volvo logotype is facing up, and with the keyring bracket facing you.

There is a catch on the left of the keyring bracket. If it is on the wrong side then the front and rear have been mixed up when the battery was replaced on an earlier occasion.

16w17 - SPA - Change battery in remote key - No 1
Slide the catch by the keyring bracket to the side, and slide the front shell away from the bracket.

The shell detaches and can be lifted off.

There is a further catch under the shell to detach the rear.

16w17 - SPA - Change battery in remote key - No 2
Slide the catch that was behind the front shell to the side, and slide the rear shell away from the key ring bracket.

The shell detaches and can be lifted off.

The battery cover is under the shell.

16w17 - SPA - Change battery in remote key - No 3

Turn the battery cover anticlockwise to OPEN position. Use a screwdriver or a coin, for example.

Lift off the battery cover. If it is difficult to detach, you can prize it upward using a narrow tool.

16w17 - SPA - Change battery in remote key - remove battery
The battery (+) side is facing upwards. Loosen the battery by pressing on its edge and then lifting it out.
16w17 - SPA - Key insert new battery

Install a new battery with the (+) side up. Avoid touching the key's battery contacts with your fingers.

Position the edge of the battery under the two outer plastic catches.

Then press down on the battery so that it is held in place by the upper plastic catch.


Use batteries with the designation CR2032, 3 V.


Volvo recommends that replacement batteries for the key meet UN Manual of Test and Criteria, Part III, sub-section 38.3. The batteries that are included or the batteries used for replacement by an authorised Volvo workshop will meet the same criterion.
16w17 - SPA - Change battery in remote key - No 6
Refit the battery cover and turn clockwise to CLOSE position.
16w17 - SPA - Change battery in remote key - No 7
Refit the rear shell in reverse order to how it was removed. There is no logotype on the rear shell. Press in the shell until you hear a click, and then slide it the last few millimetres to its original position.

A further click will indicate that the shell is properly positioned and securely attached.

There must be no gaps remaining.

16w17 - SPA - Change battery in remote key - No 8
Turn the key and refit the front shell in the same way as for the rear.


Check that the battery is fitted correctly with the correct polarity. If the key shall not been used for a long time, remove the battery to avoid battery leakage and damage. Batteries with damage or leaks may cause corrosive injury on contact with the skin. Therefore, use protective gloves when handling damaged batteries.

  • Keep batteries out of the reach of children.
  • Do not leave batteries lying around since they can be swallowed by children or pets.
  • Batteries must not: be dismantled, short-circuited or thrown into open flames.
  • Do not try to charge non-rechargeable batteries. They may explode.
  • Check battery operated products for signs of damage on a regular basis.

The key should not be used if anything indicates that the key or its battery has been damaged or has started to leak. Keep defective products out of the reach of children.


Used batteries must be recycled in an environmentally sound manner.

Specific information for Australia



If swallowed, a lithium button battery can cause severe or fatal injuries within 2 hours.

Keep batteries out of reach of children.

If you think batteries may have been swallowed or placed inside any part of the body, seek immediate medical attention.

  1. * Option/accessory.