Using Google Maps

Maps is shown and is operated in the centre display as well as the driver display using the steering wheel keypad. Maps can also be operated using voice control.

Opening and closing Maps


To open Maps, tap on its icon in the centre display. To close the app, tap on the home button.

Open mode shows the map and current traffic information.


The navigation tile has shortcuts, each of which initiates a search in Maps: Examples of shortcuts:

  • Petrol station
  • Restaurant

When a route has been entered in Maps, there is an extra shortcut to terminate the ongoing guidance.


The instructions above are general descriptions and include third-party suppliers. Availability, procedure and functionality are subject to change or variation.


Observe the following.
  • Direct all your attention to the road and make sure that all your concentration is on driving.
  • Follow applicable traffic legislation and drive with good judgment.
  • Due to weather conditions or time of year affecting the road conditions, some recommendations may be less reliable.