Link key to user profile

It is possible to connect your key to a profile. In this way, the profile, along with all of its settings, will then be selected automatically every time the specific key is identified during unlocking or opening the driver's door.

If the key has not been linked to a profile, the profile last used will be activated when the car is started. When the car is first started, the Owner profile is selected automatically.

Linking a key to a profile


If the key was previously linked to another profile, the link is moved from the previous profile to the active profile.
Press iCup-2037-Settings symbol.
Select Profiles.
Select Connect key to profile to connect a selected key to a profile.

It is only possible to connect a profile to the key that is currently being used in the car. If there are multiple keys in the car, the message More than one key found. Place the key you want to connect on the backup reader. will be displayed

P5-22w22-Key in backup reader
Backup reader's location in the tunnel console.

Disconnecting a key from a profile

Press iCup-2037-Settings symbol.
Select Profiles.
Select Disconnect key from profile to remove the active profile from the connected key.

It is possible to disconnect a key from a profile even if the key is not in the car.