Overview table for location of child seats

The table gives an overview of the types of child seats suitable for the car's seats.
P5-1817-S60/V60–Safety–Child restraint placement overview
Seat positions in left-hand drive cars.
P5-S60/V60-1817-Safety-Child restraint placement overview in right-hand drive cars
Seat positions in right-hand drive cars.
i-Size child seatsUniversally approved child seats secured using the car's seatbeltOther child seat categories1
Seat position23, 523, 3, 523, 3, 4, 5
  1. 1 For more information, contact the child seat manufacturer.
  2. 2 According to the numbering above.
  3. 3 Activated airbag for front-facing child seats. Deactivated airbag for rear-facing child seats.