Massage settings* in the front seat

Use the centre display to change settings. These settings are first activated via the multifunction control on the seat.
P5-1507-Multifunction front seat
Multi-function control, located on the side of the seat's seating section.

Adjusting massage settings in the front seat

The front seat has massage in the backrest. The massage is performed by air cushions that can massage with different settings.

The massage function can only be activated when the car's engine is running.

P5-2122-Multifunction front seat-functions
Activate the multifunction control by turning the control up/down, or depress one of the four buttons on the multifunction control. The seat settings view is shown in the centre display.
Select Massage in the seat settings view.
To choose between the different massage functions shown in the centre display, make the selection directly in the centre display or by using the multifunction control.

Setting options for massage

The following setting options are available for massage:

  • On/Off: Select On/Off to switch the massage function on/off.
  • Program 1-5: There are 5 preset massage programs. Choose between Wave, Wandering, Combined, Lower back and Shoulders.
  • Intensity: Choose between 1, 2 and 3.
  • Speed: Choose between 1, 2 and 3.

Restarting massage

The massage function is deactivated automatically after 20 minutes. Reactivation of the function is performed manually.

Tap on Restart, which is shown in the centre display, to restart the selected massage program.
The massage program restarts. The message disappears if no action is taken.
  1. * Option/accessory.