Engine oil

Only use engine oil of the prescribed quality. This is a requirement in order for the recommended service intervals and warranty to be applicable.
P5-1946-Oil decal
Location of warning decal for the engine compartment. The appearance of the engine compartment may differ depending on model and engine variant.

Volvo recommends:

P5-1507-Castrol edge professional

If the engine oil cannot be checked on a regular basis and the level falls too low, there is a risk that this will cause serious damage to the engine.


It is not intended that the decals illustrated in the owner's manual should be exact replicas of those in the car. They are included to show their approximate appearance and locations in the car. The information that applies to your particular car can be found on the decal on the car.


In order to fulfil the requirements for the engine's service intervals all engines are filled with a specially adapted synthetic engine oil at the factory. The choice of oil has been made very carefully with regard to service life, starting characteristics, fuel consumption and environmental impact.

An approved engine oil must be used in order that the recommended service intervals can be applied. Only use a prescribed grade of oil for both filling and oil change, otherwise there is a risk of the service life, starting characteristics, fuel consumption and environmental impact of the car being affected.

If engine oil of the prescribed grade and viscosity is not used, engine related components may become damaged. Volvo disclaims any liability for any such damage.

Volvo recommends that oil changes are carried out at an authorised Volvo workshop.

Symbols for low oil level

Volvo uses different systems to warn about the oil level or low oil pressure. Low oil pressure is indicated by a warning symbol P5-1546 Symbol low oil pressure – text in the driver display. Warning or information about the car's oil level can be indicated by a warning symbol P5-1546 Symbol warning – text in the driver display as well as message texts. Contact a Volvo dealer for more information.

Change the engine oil and oil filter in accordance with the intervals specified in the Service and Warranty Booklet.