Getting directions with Google Maps

Enter your destination in the search field and allow Maps to create the directions.
Open Maps in home view or app view P6-2037-AppViewSymbol.
Enter an address or location in the search field.
A route is suggested and marked blue on the map. Alternative routes are indicated in grey. Road selection may be affected if, for example, road tolls and motorways are set to be avoided.
If another road is preferable, tap on the icon for route overview and select an alternative route.
Start navigation.
Instructions in the driver display and voice guidance1 start.

Maps can also be voice-controlled using Google Assistant2.


The instructions above are general descriptions and include third-party suppliers. Availability, procedure and functionality are subject to change or variation.

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Observe the following.
  • Direct all your attention to the road and make sure that all your concentration is on driving.
  • Follow applicable traffic legislation and drive with good judgment.
  • Due to weather conditions or time of year affecting the road conditions, some recommendations may be less reliable.

Adding intermediate destinations in an existing route

Select a shortcut.
Select intermediate destination.
The route is reconfigured.

Travel information in the navigation tile

When a route has been entered into Maps, the navigation tile shows the following travel information for the next intermediate destination on the journey:
  • Travel time
  • Distance to an intermediate destination
  • Estimated time of arrival, ETA3
  • The name of the next intermediate destination
  • Unique information for electric cars, e.g. estimated battery level at arrival.

It is possible to terminate ongoing guidance directly from the tile.

The information displayed relates to the next intermediate destination. The trip's final destination is not shown until there are no further intermediate destinations.

  1. 1 Voice guidance can be deactivated in settings in the Maps app via the centre display.
  2. 2 Google Assistant is not yet available in all languages.
  3. 3 Estimated Time of Arrival