Level control* and shock absorption

Level control and shock absorption are regulated automatically in the car.

Shock absorption (Four-C)*

On a car equipped with Four-C the shock absorption is adapted according to the drive mode selected and the speed of the car. Shock absorption is normally set for optimum comfort and is regulated continuously depending on the road surface, the car's acceleration, braking and cornering.

During parking1

During parking, make sure you allow adequate space above and below the car since the car's ground clearance may vary e.g. depending on the outside temperature, how the car is loaded or the use of loading mode.

The level may also be adjusted some time after the car has been parked. This is to compensate for any changes in height that may occur due to temperature changes in the air springs when the car cools down.

Symbols and messages

If a fault arises with the level control, a message is shown in the driver display.

P5-21w22-iCup-Suspension symbol
Suspension Deactivated by userThe active self-levelling has been switched off manually by the user.
P5-21w22-iCup-Suspension symbol
Suspension Temporarily reduced performanceThe performance of the active self-levelling has been temporarily reduced due to extensive system use.
P5-21w22-iCup-Suspension symbol, yellow
Suspension Service requiredA fault has occurred. Visit a workshop2 as soon as possible.
P5-21w22-iCup-Suspension symbol, red
Stop safely Suspension failure

A critical fault has occurred. The car's driving performance is significantly reduced, stop safely. Have the car towed to a workshop2 if the message is shown when the car is stationary.

P5-21w22-iCup-Suspension symbol, yellow
Slow down Suspension Car too highA fault has occurred. The car's driving performance is reduced, slow down until the symbol disappears. Contact a workshop2 if the message is shown when the car is stationary.
P5-21w22-iCup-Height adjustment symbol
Suspension Auto adjusting car level

Level control of the car's rear axle to target height in progress.

  1. * Option/accessory.
  2. 1 Applies to cars with air suspension
  3. 2 An authorised Volvo workshop is recommended.