Topping up coolant

Follow the instructions on the coolant's packaging for topping up. Never top up with water only. The risk of freezing increases with both too little and too much coolant concentrate.

If there are signs of leakage from the cooling system - avoid starting the car and have it towed in order not to risk engine damage. Signs of leakage may be coolant under the car, that coolant visibly evaporates, or that more than 2 litres (approx. 2 quarts) is needed for topping up.


The coolant can be very hot when the engine has been running. Always allow the coolant to cool down before unscrewing the filler cap.

When filling - carefully unscrew the cap to release any overpressure.

P5-1817-S60/V60 Overview engine coolant
Coolant expansion tank
P5-1817-S60/V60 Engine coolant refill 1
P5-Icon gray box 1

Open the lid on the plastic cover.

P5-1817-S60/V60 Engine coolant refill 2
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Screw off the cap and top up with coolant if necessary. The coolant level must lie between the MIN and MAX marks on the expansion tank.

Reinstall the parts in reverse order.


  • Coolant is harmful to ingest and may cause organ damage.
  • Only use coolant of Volvo-approved quality. If concentrated liquid is used, make sure that the ratio is 50 % coolant to 50 % water of approved quality.
  • Hard water, and water with a high content of chlorine, chlorides and other salts or contaminants may cause corrosion to the cooling system.
  • Do not mix different coolants.
  • New coolant must be used to replace all coolant when replacing a large component in the cooling system.
  • Only operate the engine when the cooling system is filled to the correct level. When the coolant level is too low, it may lead to overheating, resulting in engine damage.