Assistance at risk of collision in crossing traffic

Assistance at risk of collision1 can assist the driver when turning and crossing the path of an oncoming vehicle at an intersection.
P5-1507-City Safety in cross traffic
  1. P5-Icon red circle 1Sector in which the function can detect oncoming crossing vehicles.

For the function to detect an oncoming vehicle on a collision course, the oncoming vehicle must first enter the sector in which the function can analyse the situation.

In addition:
  • your car's speed must be at least 4 km/h (3 mph).
  • your car must turn to the left in markets with right-hand traffic (or to the right in left-hand traffic).
  • the oncoming vehicle must have its headlamps switched on.
The function may have difficulty in assisting the driver if, for example:
  • there are slippery driving conditions and stability control2 intervenes.
  • an oncoming vehicle is detected too late.
  • an oncoming vehicle is obscured by something.
  • the oncoming vehicle has headlamps switched off.
  • the oncoming vehicle drives in an unpredictable manner, for example, abruptly changes lanes at a late stage.


Warnings and steering assistance due to an impending collision with an oncoming vehicle always come very late.


This function uses the car's camera and radar units, which have certain general limitations.
  1. 1 Collision Avoidance
  2. 2 Electronic Stability Control (ESC)