Changing gear with automatic gearbox

Change gear position by pressing the spring-loaded gear selector forwards or backwards, or sideways for manual shifting.

Changing gear

P5-2017-8G-Gear shift pattern
Overview of gear lever and gear positions.


It is possible to change between D/R at very low speed without your foot on the brake in order to facilitate parking, for example.

Gear positions

Parking – P

P5-22w22-Gear shifter P
Overview of gear lever and position P.

Parking is activated with the P button located next to the gear selector.

The gearbox is mechanically blocked when the P position is engaged.

Select position P for parking. The car can start in position P. The car must be stationary when the P position is selected.

To park - first apply the parking bake and then select P position.


Always use the parking brake when parking on an inclined surface. The automatic transmission's P position is not sufficient to hold the car stationary in all situations.


To be able to lock the car and arm the alarm, the gear position must be in P.

Help functions

The system will change to the P position automatically:

  • if the car is switched off in D or R position when stationary.
  • if the car is moving at low speed when the driver unbuckles the seatbelt and opens the driver's door without a pedal depressed.

To park a car without wearing the seatbelt and with the door open - exit the P position by selecting R or D again.

If the car is switched off in N position there is no automatic change-over to P position. This makes it possible to wash the car in an automatic car wash.

Reverse – R

Select position R to reverse. The car must be stationary when the R position is selected.

Neutral – N

The car freewheels in position N. Apply the parking brake if the car is stationary with the gear selector in the N position.

In order to change from N position to another gear position, the brake pedal must be depressed and the engine running.

Drive position - D

D is the normal driving position. Shifting up and down takes place automatically based on the level of acceleration and speed.

The car must be stationary when changing gear from R position to D position.

Manual position – M

P5-22w22-iCup-Gear shift mode M in driver display

In M position, it is possible to change gear manually. The car engine-brakes when the accelerator pedal is released.

Position M is selected by moving the gear selector backwards from the D position.

  • Press the gear selector to the right to "+" (plus) to change up one step and release it.
  • Press the gear selector to the left to "" (minus) to change down one step and release it.
  • Press the gear selector backwards to return to the D position.

The gearbox automatically shifts down if the speed decreases to a level lower than appropriate for the selected gear, in order to avoid jerking and stalling.