Care Key – speed limit key

A Care Key makes it possible for the owner of the car to limit the maximum speed of the car. The speed limit is intended to encourage the car to be driven in a safe manner such as when being loaned out, for example.
P5P6-20w17-Care Key

The button functions for Care Key are the same as for the standard key. The car and the key work as normal if no speed limit has been set. As with other keys, Care Key can be linked to a user profile in order to save personal settings in the car.

The speed limit can be set via the administrator user profile. The speed limit is activated when the car is unlocked using Care Key, or when the driver door is opened and the car detects a Care Key on the driver's side.

The option of setting a speed limit when using a specific key is intended to increase safety when entrusting the car to e.g. a young or unexperienced driver, valet parking, or a workshop.