Detail information for child seat manufacturers

The table provides detailed information for child seat manufacturers on which locations in the car are appropriate for which types of child seat.
P5-1817-S60/V60–Safety–Child restraint placement overview
Seat positions in left-hand drive cars.
P5-S60/V60-1817-Safety-Child restraint placement overview in right-hand drive cars
Seat positions in right-hand drive cars.
Seat position112 (with deactivated airbag, only rear-facing child seats)2, 32 (with activated airbag, only front-facing child seats)2, 33445
Seat position suitable for universal category restraints which are attached using the car's seatbelt (Yes/No).NoYes5Yes5YesNoYes
Seat position for i-Size (Yes/No)NoNoNoYesNoYes
Seat position lateral fixture (L1/L2/No)NoNoNoNoNoNo
Largest suitable rearward facing fixture (R1/R2/R3/No)NoR36NoR3NoR3
Largest suitable forward facing fixture (F1/F2/F2x/F3/No)NoNoF3F3NoF3
Largest suitable booster fixture (B2/B3/No)NoNoB3B3NoB3
  1. 1 In accordance with illustration.
  2. 2 The seat cushion extension must always be retracted for the installation of child seats.
  3. 3 A child seat with support legs can be used on this seat.
  4. 4 A child seat with support legs cannot be used on this seat.
  5. 5 Adjust the backrest to a more upright position.
  6. 6 Works for the installation of ISOFIX child seats that are semi-universally approved (IL) if the car is equipped with the ISOFIX console accessory (the accessory range varies depending on market). Upper mounting points for child seats are not available for this seat.