Important information on accessories and auxiliary equipment

The incorrect connection and installation of accessories and extra equipment can negatively affect the car's electronic system.

Volvo strongly recommends that Volvo owners only install genuine Volvo-approved accessories, and that installation of accessories is only carried out by trained and qualified Volvo service technicians. Certain accessories only function when associated software is installed in the car's computer system.

The equipment described in the owner's manual is not available in all cars - they have different equipment depending on adaptations for the needs of different markets and national or local laws and regulations.

Options or accessories described in this manual are marked with an asterisk. In the event of uncertainty over what is standard or an option/accessory, contact a Volvo dealer.

  • Volvo original accessories are tested to ensure that they function with the car systems for performance, safety and emissions control. In addition, a trained and qualified Volvo service technician knows where accessories may or may not be safely installed in your Volvo. Always seek the advice of a trained and qualified Volvo service technician before installing any accessories in or on your car.
  • Accessories that are not approved by Volvo may not have been specifically tested for use with your car.
  • Some of the car's performance or safety systems can be negatively affected if you install accessories that have not been tested by Volvo, or if you permit someone without experience of the car to install accessories.
  • Damage that is caused by accessories installed in a non-approved or incorrect way is not covered by any new car warranty. More warranty information can be found in the Service and Warranty Booklet. Volvo does not accept any liability for deaths, personal injury or costs arising as a result of the installation of non-original accessories.


The driver always bears the ultimate responsibility that the car is used safely and that laws and regulations in force are followed.

It is also important that the car has maintenance and service according to Volvo's recommendations, the owner's information and the Service and Warranty Booklet.

If there should be a difference between the information in the centre display and the information in other sources, it is always the information in the centre display that applies.